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Our Self Publishing Services

Editing your Manuscript

A great story does not necessarily become a great book. It has be to carefully edited, to make it reader friendly. Editing is a very specialized skill which takes many years to develop. We have specially trained editors who can do this extremely important service for you.

Young Author

Printing/ Ebook

Creating a proper E book is much more challenging that just making a PDF. And we also have the resources to get your books printed- whether you require 10 copies or Ten thousand:  We have the appropriate machines for this too!

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What’s the point of creating and publishing a book if you cannot reach an audience all over the world? We will help you to market your book in online as well as offline modes... we have a wide range of marketing tools at your disposable for small budgets as well as deep pockets!

Market Analysis

Cover Design

The reader’s first impression of your book is from the title cover. It is very important to have a cover design that reflects not only your book’s content, but also your own personality as an author. Our designers will spend time with you, to know you as well as your book before preparing a cover design customer tailored  just for you.

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Piracy Protection

We will help you to register for ISBN, as well as guide you through the copyright registration process as per the rules of Indian Copyright Act. We will also help you to secure your book against digital piracy on Kindle or flipcart or Telegram.

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