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Should  I opt for Self Publishing? 

There is a story inside every one of us.. There is within you knowledge that deserves to be shared with the world. But when it comes to actually writing a book about it only a select few have the courage to pick up the pen. 

Unfortunately, after the book is written, the author becomes at the mercy of the publisher who decides whether or not to print and publish the book….. and as a result, so many stories remain untold, and so much knowledge remains locked up within your chest!!!

But no more! With todays micro-printing technology and digital distribution networks you can take control of your future in your own hands!! Self publish, become the master of your own book instead of having to depend on others.

And to support you on your journey of independent self publishing, we are there to provide you whatever technical resources, manpower, and literary help you may need. We are committed to helping you become a bestselling author…. And I write I publish is the best partner in your this journey…… because….. read more about us

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado
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