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Where does the shoe pinch?

Updated: May 26, 2021

An experienced editor's perspective on that "butterflies - in -the -stomach" feeling that every Newbie Author feels

There are several hurdles that budding authors come across while writing their first book. It is a task which is heavily time consuming and rigorous. It is also natural to have apprehensions regarding several stages of the self-publishing process. Every New author's best friend:

Today, I am going to talk about some of the common issues that budding authors have and how iwriteipublish is your best friend in this process. I will be sharing the problem and then talking about how we help….”

The case of the uncertain writer:

First-timers may be doubtful about how much time they should be spending on their book, how much money they should spend and whether or not their efforts will pay off.

Budding authors may be unsure of the self-publishing process -what it entails- since they don’t have a lot of experience in this field. Friends and family members may all be giving advice, but much of it is contradictory to each other.

To solve all these issues, we, at have counselling sessions for you to clear your doubts regarding how to go about publishing your books. The counsellors are professionals with several years of experience in the field. So, you can trust that your vision is in good hands.

The resource crunch

"I wanna DO this, but how?"

A major part of the self-publishing process is the editing, designing and formatting of the book, all of which require a specific skill set and years of practice to perfect. For people with minimal experience in this arena, it is a mammoth task that will take months and yet the end product may turn out to be unsatisfactory. This is where we step in. In the best-value and pro-packs, we offer substantive editing for your book, so that you don’t have to worry about how your book will turn out. Just give us the manuscript and then sit-back in your lawn chair. Let us do our thing…

"What if"

What is someone copies my book?

This is a huge concern when a book is written. But don’t worry, we have it handled. In the best-value and pro-packs, we help you register for a copyright and an ISBN number for your book. An ISBN is a 13-digit code, recognized internationally, that identifies your book separately and a copyright prohibits anyone from using any content you have written; which is why your idea is as protected as it can be.

NO Shout NO Sell

Producing the book is just a part of the self-publishing process. What is the point of writing a book if no one knows about it? Marketing of a book is as essential as any other stage, especially if the book is to be sold commercially. At, we have many years’ of experience in the marketing of books, that will help you publicize, sell and enhance your book’s sales and image far better than what just putting up a title on social media (for example, Facebook, Instagram etc.) can do.

Trust is the name of the game

Being in the publishing industry since almost a100 years now, we have earned great credibility. We believe in honest opinions, clear guidelines and precise work. Our experience helps to reduce not just cost and time for the author but also reduces their hassles.

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